Home Water Audit

Many times, I have received panicked phone calls from customers who have water leaking in their home and yet they don’t know how to shut off the water.  Water can damage not only your home but also your belongings.  But, you can take some steps now to prevent that from happening.  And you can start conserving water at the same time.

We will walk through your entire home and review the following:

¢      Identify main shut off valve

¢      Inspect hot water heater, provide age of the heater and potential replacement options.

¢      Inspect toilets for leaking and water usage.

¢      Identify current shower flow rate and let you test out a low-flow shower head (don’t worry, I won’t be in the shower with you)

¢      Identify sink flow rate and put in an aerator for you to try

¢      Discuss ways to have instant hot water in your bathroom

¢      Discuss different ways to incorporate water safety features into your home